Christmas Tree Farmer

Christmas tree farmers are horticulturalists who must tend to their tree farms on a regular basis to ensure that the growing trees stay healthy and are pruned so they grow in the correct shape. There are more than 30 million Christmas trees cut and sold in North America each year which is why there is a need for professional Christmas tree farmers in each of the 50 states in the United States alone.

It takes many years for a Christmas tree to grow to the proper height and shape so many acres of land must be farmed so that a sufficient supply can be produced on a yearly basis. Some Christmas tree farmers grow trees for the purpose of supplying them to retail outlets and others own tree farms where customers can travel to the farm and cut their own trees.

The keys to success in this profession are access to a very large plot of land the ability to maintain and irrigate the land and ample time to tend to the trees. Christmas tree farmers not only work on their farms but they also manage the daily business duties of the farm on a year-round basis.

According to it is not necessary to have a special degree to become a Christmas tree farmer but it is essential to acquire specific skills and knowledge related to tree farming through specialized training andor experience learned at a plant or tree nursery or on a farm. The National Christmas Tree Association is a resource for Christmas tree farmers and can provide guidance and advice for those wishing to enter this profession.

The website states that the average yearly salary for a Christmas tree farmer is $32,986.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $32986
High Salary: $34986
Low Salary: $30986
Tasks: Prunes and maintains growing Christmas trees.
Determines tree harvesting dates.
Negotiates the selling of trees to retail establishments.
Decides the types of tree species to be planted each year.
Also Called: Arborist
Tree Farm Manager
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