Botanical Technician

Many cities are home to beautiful and popular botanical gardens which draw thousands of visitors per year. The visitors of those gardens may not realize all the work that goes into creating a botanical garden that thrives in a specific climate.

Botanical technicians are scientists who study plants and often assist doctoral-level botanists in research studies. While botanical technicians do not work solely for tourist destinations such as well-known botanical gardens they do conduct research and study the methods used to ensure the success and growth of all types of plants.

According to there are more than 300000 plant species in the world and botanical technicians as a group have studied all of them. Most botanical technicians focus their careers on studying one or two particular species of plants so that they can become experts in specific areas.

Many botanical technicians focus their research on three main topics 1) how plants grow 2) how they multiply or reproduce and 3) how the produce food. They may work on research studies in laboratories under the supervision of doctoral-level botanists work as assistants to professors of botany or they may work for a governmental agency that conducts research studies on plants such as the National Botanical Institute (NBI).

The educational requirement for a botanical technician is a bachelor's degree with a major in botany. The website states that the median salary for a botanical technician is $33000 but salaries can be much higher for botanists with advanced or doctoral degrees.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $33000
High Salary: $43000
Low Salary: $23000
Tasks: Studies all aspects of plant life.
Assists botanists in plant-related research studies.
Work in laboratories studying plants.
Studies how plants grow, reproduce, and grow food.
Also Called: Botanist
Botanical Researcher
Botanical Laboratory Technician
Plant Researcher
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