Agronomists are plant and soil specialists who study how to improve agricultural productivity by developing crop hybrids and controlling pests and weeds. Sometimes they are called plant pathologists.

Agronomists focus on maximizing the yield of animal feed food fibers and fuel in an environmentally sustainable manner. They are experts at planting cultivation and harvesting and they are knowledgeable about how climate affects crops. An agronomist may specialize in a specific type of crop or a specific environmental problem related to productivity. Agronomists can be found working in research teaching or extension services at colleges and universities. They also work for the USDA at agricultural research stations for state departments of agriculture for the Natural Resources Conservation Service for farm co-ops lawn care companies or agribusiness corporations either as employees or consultants.  Search for Degrees in Agronomy.

The website profiles the role of an agronomist who works at Starbucks. Some agronomists become weather forecasters and some work or consult in foreign countries. To become an agronomist a person must be dedicated to applying science to environmental issues. Heshe should earn a bachelor's degree taking courses in agriculture biology chemistry mathematics physics statistics courses as well as general education courses in English and speech. As of November 2010 the national pay scale for agronomists with bachelor's degrees ranged from approximately $40000 to $63000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $51500
High Salary: $63000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Studies how to improve agricultural productivity.
Focuses on environmental sustainability.
Experts at planting, cultivation, and harvesting.
Knowledgeable about how climate affects crops.
Also Called: Plant Pathologist
Environmental Scientist
Climate Specialist
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