The typesetting profession has changed dramatically over the past few decades. What used to be a job that required building pages by hand that were to be printed in mass quantities such as newspapers by using “slugs of type” and then using typesetting machines to get the materials printed has gradually become a desktop publishing and digital-type of career. Today’s typesetters are better known as “graphic artists” and “graphic designers.” Despite this profession’s downturn there is still a demand for typesetters that have desktop publishing and digital typography skills. Some of their typical job responsibilities include using software to layout pages using blocks of pre-written text images and graphics. They must arrange these three elements into readable and aesthetically pleasing printed documents andor electronic documents. According to the website education-portal.com most employers require that their typesetters have bachelor’s degrees. Most aspiring typesetters choose to major in a subject area such as graphic design or another fine arts-related subject. In order to find jobs in this field that are non-entry level it is recommended that a portfolio of work samples be brought to interviews so that potential employers can visually see the page-layout skills of the applicant. The website www.ehow.com states that the typesetting profession is declining industry but the need for typesetters is still present within certain businesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the hourly wage for typesetters ranges from $10.00 per hour to $26.30 per hour which is equivalent to $20800 to $54704 on an annual basis.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $37762
High Salary: $54704
Low Salary: $20820
Tasks: Uses page layout software.
Creates aesthetically pleasing products.
Develops different style examples for presentations to clients.
Selects appropriate fonts.
Also Called: Hand Compositor
Graphic Designer
Print Media Designer
Desktop Publisher
Additional Resources: http://education-portal.com/articles/Typesetter_Job_Description_and_Requirements_for_Becoming_a_Typesetter.html