Several industries need the help of professional transcriptionists in order to convert recorded verbal conversations reports and other information into typed text which can be used as permanent references and resources. According to transcriptionists work in the legal medical and financial industries. However many other professional realms use them as well. The general duties of transcriptionists include listening to recorded information and typing it into specific word processing software. However the job is more complicated than simply typing what is heard on a voice recording. Transcriptionists must know how to proficiently use the software that starts stops rewinds and fast-forwards a recording – which usually involves using a foot pedal that is connected to a computer. Additionally transcriptionists must have excellent grammar and typing skills and they must be knowledgeable about the jargon and typical words used within specific industries. For example transcriptionists working in the medical field must be able to understand medical terms abbreviations and diagnoses. As reports transcriptionists must work quickly. Often employers require that transcripts be produced rapidly and accurately often within 24 o4 48 hours of the original recording being made. While there is no specific educational requirement for becoming a transcriptionist many employers require that their transcriptionists have some level of classroom training. Classes and certificate programs are available at many community colleges and on-line courses are also available through various educational mediums. Some transcriptionists work in offices or in legal settings such as courtrooms but others are self-employed and work on a freelance basis out of home offices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average hourly wage for a transcriptionist is $15.50 per hour.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $32240
High Salary: $34240
Low Salary: $30240
Tasks: Types dictated reports.
Fixes grammatical errors.
Produces typed documents quickly.
Has strong typing skills.
Also Called: Medical Transcriptionist
Legal Transcriptionist
Dictation Specialist
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