Stock Room Clerk

Stores factories warehouses grocery stores retail stores and many other types of institutions employ stock room clerks to organize supplies such as merchandise or equipment that are delivered to the stock room and also to maintain records of items that leave the area. In addition to keeping track of the inflow and outflow of various items stock room clerks unpack items when they arrive and check them for any damage after which they place items on shelves or racks or in bins in an organized fashion so that they are easily located and able to be issued when they are requested by a person or department in the organization. Items are marked with a code and price so that they can be scanned as they leave the stock room which allows for detailed records to be kept and accurate inventories to be made at designated intervals. When supplies dwindle stock room clerks notify a supervisor so that new shipments can be ordered. Entry level stock room clerks need a high school diploma or the equivalent with basic reading writing and math skills. Good typing and data entry skills as well as filing experience help increase employment possibilities. Once hired stock room clerks get on-the-job training during which time they are expected to become familiar with any computerized equipment that the employer uses. Because of an increase in use of computers and other types of automation employment opportunities for stock room clerks are expected to decline in the coming decade. According to the website stock room clerks make a median hourly wage of approximately $9.66. For full-time employment reports that the median salary for a stock room clerk is approximately $28219 not including any overtime hours that might be necessary.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $28219
High Salary: $31219
Low Salary: $25219
Tasks: Compiles stock records.
Controls the flow of supplies in and out of stockrooms.
Receives and stores merchandise.
Reorders items that are in short supply.
Also Called: Warehouse Clerk
Supply Room Clerk
Inventory Clerk
Order Filler
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