Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Many different types of companies need the help of shipping and receiving clerks. They are responsible for the administrative duties required for keeping track of incoming and outgoing shipments. Additionally they are often asked to help with getting products andor various items ready to be shipped and also to help with unpacking items that have arrived and must be distributed either to a warehouse or to a specific department or individual. They often verify the contents of boxes and shipments and they help to pack and prepare outgoing packages. Additionally they are often responsible for maintaining loading docks and helping to get trucks ready for transportation. Once shipments have left the warehouse shipping and receiving clerks are responsible for tracking the items to ensure prompt delivery. Additionally they fill out appropriate paperwork for shipments that are to be sent overseas. When receiving goods they are responsible for signing documents which state the goods were delivered in an acceptable condition. The most common employers that hire shipping and receiving clerks are those in the retail wholesale and manufacturing industries. According to the website shipping and receiving clerks are usually required to have a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent plus computer skills. The job of shipping and receiving clerks often requires a considerable amount of lifting standing and bending. Therefore good physical condition is necessary as well as the ability to carry heavy objects and boxes. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average salary for shipping and receiving clerks at approximately $26070 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $26070
High Salary: $29070
Low Salary: $23070
Tasks: Monitors incoming and outgoing shipments.
Prepares packages for shipment.
Unpacks incoming goods.
Organizes loading docks.
Also Called: Loading Dock Clerk
Freight Clerk
Returned-Goods Clerk
Re-Shipping Clerk
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