Records Clerk

Keeping accurate and organized records is essential for all types of businesses. Records clerks who are commonly referred to as “file clerks” are responsible for organizing information placing paperwork into files and maintaining computer databases so that records can be accessed easily. Sometimes records clerks are responsible for converting paper records into electronic records and they are also sometimes asked to destroy old records. Records clerks are often accountable for organizing files and keeping confidential information in a secure location. Records clerks work in various types of business settings including law firms accounting offices and medical facilities. Depending on the setting and the employer records clerks can be required to know specific coding systems so that numbers can be assigned to different files. Coding files helps with accessing the records at a later date. The website states that records clerks should have a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent. Employers prefer that their records clerks have math skills data entry skills computer skills and organizational skills. An associate’s degree in medical records is usually required for those who want to work in medical offices. The U. S. Department of Labor reports that the salary range for records clerks ranges from $22000 to $38000 per year. Those who work in medical facilities and accounting and law firms tend to earn more than those working in general offices.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $30000
High Salary: $38000
Low Salary: $22000
Tasks: Maintains records for businesses.
Scans files so they can be saved electronically.
Retrieves information upon request.
Transcribes documents.
Also Called: File Clerk
General Records Clerk
Accounting Records Clerk
Medical Records Clerk
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