Office Administrator

Office administrators who are sometimes called “office managers” are in charge of the day-to-day operations of an office. According to the website the range of responsibilities and array of tasks expected of office administrators depend on the structure of the organization. In almost all cases office administrators are in charge of supervising the office staff making sure that every member carries out hisher assigned duties efficiently. Office administrators are usually in charge of conducting interviews when there are job openings in the office and for coordinating vacation time or leave of office employees. Also they carry out periodic evaluations of office staff recommending pay increases or providing assistance that will help employees increase their productivity. In addition office administrators are responsible for managing the inventory and use of office supplies such as paper and printer cartridges. They order any necessary repairs on office equipment and when required check with management before ordering new equipment. In some cases they compose annual reports for management on office budget and anticipated expenditures. Depending on the organization employers usually expect applicants for office administrator positions to have at least a two-year degree from an accredited institution with the focus of that degree on business-related subjects. For more complex positions employers may prefer office administrators to have a four-year degree. In some cases however office staff working in entry-level positions may eventually become office administrators because of their on-the-job training and experience. In some organizations office employees are assisted with tuition to obtain a degree which makes them eligible for promotion to administrative positions. The website says that office administrators earn annual salaries that range from approximately $32800 to $52000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $42000
High Salary: $52000
Low Salary: $32000
Tasks: Oversees the daily operations of an office.
Manages office staff.
Ensures that needed office supplies are available.
Trains new office employees.
Also Called: Office Manager
Office Supervisor
Head Secretary
Director of Office Services
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