Messengers who are sometimes called “couriers” pick up documents or goods in one place and deliver them to an appointed destination. In some cases items are transported between two offices or departments within the same building. In other cases pickup and delivery points require travel from one location to another. Messengers travel on foot bicycle motorcycle and automobile but some use public transportation such as buses subways trains or even airplanes for distant points of delivery. Regardless of weather or traffic conditions they must successfully complete their mission with no supervision. In many places messengers are required to have a driver’s license. Although there are no formal educational requirements those with high school diplomas have better chances of obtaining jobs. They may spend an initial period of time working with an experienced messenger to learn how to handle items that may be fragile or hazardous. They must be good at listening to and following directions and it is of utmost importance that they be trustworthy and reliable. They must know their way around the area in which they work so that they can change routes if necessary in order to deliver messages with minimal delay. Though many of their working hours are on weekdays they sometimes have to work evenings and weekends when necessary. Jobs for messengers will probably not grow because of the internet but the website says many documents used by legal and government organizations cannot be sent electronically and still must be transported by messengers. Also hospitals and medical laboratories still use messengers to transport lab samples and the results of MRI and other scans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( the median annual salary is approximately $23330.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $23330
High Salary: $26330
Low Salary: $20330
Tasks: Transports documents from one location to another.
Travels along the shortest route to destinations.
Sorts items that must be delivered to various locations.
Distributes incoming envelopes and packages.
Also Called: Courier
Delivery Person
Office Messenger
Mail Clerk
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