Mail Clerk

Mail clerks handle incoming and outgoing mail at companies of all sizes. They sort and deliver incoming mail to proper departments or individuals and they also handle outgoing mail which usually requires adding postage to envelopes and sealing packages. Some companies which have more than one office floor or multiple locations need an inter-office mail system which mail clerks are responsible for overseeing. According to mail clerks must be able to lift heavy packages and they must also know how to label and prepare letters and boxes for shipment via the United States Postal Service FedEx UPS and other smaller mail courier services. Mail clerks must know how to weigh and measure envelops and boxes and how to use computer software to print labels and postage. While there is not a specific educational requirement for a job as a mail clerk most employers prefer to hire those with at least a high school diploma. A valid driver’s license is usually also required because mail clerks are sometimes required to make mail deliveries or to pick up envelopes or boxes from a remote location. It is not uncommon for non-mailroom employees at a company to ask mail clerks to help them with large mailings andor to ship packages for them and mail clerks are also commonly asked to mail personal items for co-workers. When this occurs mail clerks are responsible for collecting money and keeping track of transactions. Mail clerks are also responsible for sorting mail that has been mis-addressed and forwarding it to the appropriate location. The website lists the average yearly salary for a mail clerk at approximately $29000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $28990
High Salary: $33990
Low Salary: $23990
Tasks: Distributes incoming mail and packages.
Puts postage on outgoing mail.
Ensures that outgoing mail is packaged and addressed properly.
Handles interoffice and interdepartmental mail deliveries.
Also Called: Mail Distributor
Mail Room Worker
Mail Sorter
Mail Deliverer
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