Inventory Clerk

Inventory clerks value staying organized enjoy keeping meticulous track of things and are good at meeting deadlines. Inventory clerks who are sometimes called “stock clerks” are usually entry-level employees so they are expected to report to inventory supervisors. They keep track and maintain records of the quantity value and type of material merchandise equipment or supplies that the company keeps in its stock. They may also be responsible for filing in requisitions when new supplies must be ordered for attaching prices and labels to items when they are delivered and for making sure supplies are stored safely and neatly. The website says that the job of inventory clerk requires a high school diploma or the equivalent. In addition inventory clerks should have good quantitative skills should be able to work efficiently and follow the instructions of supervisors closely and in larger companies or organizations they should have good interpersonal skills that will result in coordination of work both within and sometimes across departments. Most companies train new employees on site to familiarize them with the exact nature of the inventory and type of records that need to be kept. According to the website pay for inventory clerks varies depending on type of employer but on average they earn approximately $10 an hour. Those working in warehouses usually earn more than those employed by department stores.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $20800
High Salary: $22800
Low Salary: $18800
Tasks: Keeps records of inventory levels.
Organizes stock rooms.
Determines when inventory is low and must be re-ordered.
Receives stock shipments and adds them to the inventory.
Also Called: Stock Room Clerk
Warehouse Clerk
Shelf Stocking Clerk
Storage Room Clerk
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