Insurance Policy Processing Clerk

When individuals apply for insurance they must complete applications and submit information so that their paperwork can be evaluated. Insurance policy processing clerks are responsible for reviewing insurance applications and determining if all information on the form has been completed properly. They add information related to new policies to the computer and they verify that the information supplied by applicants is correct and true. However their job is not just confined to working with new insurance policy applications. They are also responsible for making changes to existing policies and helping customers get their policies cancelled when requested. As required they also maintain customer records and create files for each person with an insurance policy provide by their office. Files can be electronic paper or a combination of both. When claims are made against the insurance policy insurance policy processing clerks often work directly with the policy holder to fill out claim forms and collect pertinent information. They often also help with billing and receiving premium payments. The website states that the salary range for an insurance policy processing clerk ranges from $21400 to $46500. There is not a specific educational requirement for this profession although employers prefer to hire those with a minimum of a high school diploma. Additionally advanced office skills and excellent customer service skills are essential for success as an insurance policy processing clerk. Insurance policy processing clerks often work directly with clients and therefore they must have excellent communication skills and a good telephone demeanor.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $33950
High Salary: $46500
Low Salary: $21400
Tasks: Processes insurance applications.
Reviews insurance applications to make sure they are completed properly.
Upon request, cancels insurance policies.
Obtains missing information from insurance policy applicants.
Also Called: Insurance Claims Adjuster
Insurance Claims Examiner
Insurance Claims Investigator
Insurance Policy Application Clerk
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