Insurance Clerk

Insurance clerks perform a variety of tasks related to insurance benefits filings claims and records. They usually work in offices that are located in insurance companies hospitals or home health care agencies. It is often their responsibility to obtain information from individuals who are insured and attempting to settle claims with their insurance carriers. Insurance clerks create a record based on this information and then match the claim with what the policy actually covers. In some cases they review the billing information that they receive from a medical office or hospital to determine whether there are any errors that must be corrected before a claim can be processed. They prepare invoices of all itemized charges and submit them for reimbursement. They also answer insured individuals’ questions about policy benefits. Sometimes insurance clerks contact insurance companies to verify whether a patient’s medical insurance will cover a planned procedure or treatment. In some cases insurance clerks prepare forms for government agencies that will be paying a patient’s bills. Insurance clerks must be very organized and able to communicate with both insured individuals and insurance companies. According to t he website insurance clerks need a high school diploma or the equivalent. However a two-year associate’s degree can make job applicants more marketable as can several years of experience in the insurance industry. The salaries insurance clerks earn depend on experience and employers but median salaries are in the mid- $30000 range.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $35000
High Salary: $40000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Compiles records of insurance policies.
Obtains information for insurance claims.
Reviews billing data.
Prepares invoices.
Also Called: Billing Clerk
Insurance Accountant
Insurance Records Clerk
Insurance Office Clerk
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