Human Resources

Human resource specialists are hired to ensure that a company’s employees are effective in their respective roles and that employees are happy and satisfied in their positions. To become human resource specialists the website says that individuals need a college degree. However many have master’s degrees typically in business administration human resources administration or psychology. The exact nature of the degree that a human resource specialists need to have usually depends on the needs of the company or organization. Regardless of the subject matter of their degrees however human resource specialists must have management skills knowledge about budgets and some background in counseling. In larger companies human resource specialists often concentrate on one aspect of the job. For example some are in charge of recruiting interviewing and hiring for the company or organization. Others may earn the designation of Certified Benefits Specialist from the Society of Human Resources Management concentrate on employees’ monetary compensation and benefits. Still others may be involved with training employees or promoting a work environment that is both physically and emotionally healthy. Most of the work human resource specialists perform takes place in an office but in some cases they have to leave the office or travel in order to recruit new employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics human resource specialists’ salaries depend on their area of specialization and the size of the company for which they work. Those who specialize in recruitment earn average annual salaries of approximately $46000 but those who train employees earn average salaries of approximately $52000. Overall however the website says that the average annual salary for human resource specialists is approximately $74000. Most human resource specialists also receive benefits such as paid vacations and health insurance in addition to their salaries.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $60000
High Salary: $74000
Low Salary: $46000
Tasks: Helps recruit new employees.
Determines employee compensation.
Arranges for employee benefits.
Oversees employee promotions.
Also Called: Benefits Specialist
Compensation Specialist
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