Executive Assistant

Executive assistants provide support to top company executives by carrying out a variety of duties. Some of the tasks they perform are clerical. However the website httpeducation-portal.com says that the Association of Executive Administrative Professionals (AEAP) reports that the duties of executive assistants can involve making decisions in the absence of the executive for whom they work. They may also handle correspondence and write reports so they must have good writing skills. In general they need to be knowledgeable about the company industry or agency for which they work. Furthermore they need experience with office equipment such as fax machines scanners computers and computer software. Not only must they have good organizational skills but also they need excellent interpersonal skills because they often train and supervise administrative staff and settle disputes that may arise in the office. In general executive assistants need at a two-year associates degree but a four-year college degree is preferable. Also it is helpful if they have earned certification by an organization such as the AEAP. Executive assistants work in a variety of settings including securities and commodities exchanges the entertainment manufacturing and employment services industries government offices medical offices hospitals and school systems. The website httpeducation-portal.com reports that the salaries executive assistants earn depend on specific position employer and location. On average executive assistants can earn more than $54000 a year but some earn approximately $37000 annually. Those working in the northeast in New Jersey New York and the District of Columbia earn more than those who work in other parts of the country.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $45500
High Salary: $54000
Low Salary: $37000
Tasks: Works for top-level executives.
Has advanced secretarial abilities.
Manages calendars, appointments and meetings for executives.
Answers telephone calls and e-mails.
Also Called: Administrative Assistant
Office Assistant
Executive Personal Assistant
Additional Resources: http://education-portal.com/executive_assistant_job_description.html