Computer Systems Administrator

Most of today's businesses and organizations have computers that are all connected through a server or a network of servers which allow employees to access databases save data and information remotely and easily share files with others. The main responsibilities of a computer systems administrator are ensuring that the servers are functioning properly backing up the servers so that there is no risk of losing information maintaining the server's security system so that hacking or other problems do not arise and making sure that the company's servers are working properly so that everyone can access the information they need when they need it.

Additionally computer systems administrators may address both hardware and software issues but they are normally not experts in software programming. Nonetheless they are responsible for being able to identify computer problems and know how to have the problems fixed. One of the most challenging aspects of a computer systems administrator's job is knowing how to incorporate all types of computers and operating systems (such as PCs and Macs) on one or more servers and have them all function properly together.

Many individuals who enter this professional field obtain a bachelor's degree in a computer science program and there are certificate programs also available for specific types of servers. One of the best ways to become qualified for a job as a computer science administrator is to obtain a certificate which will increase the skill level. Some choose to remain at the computer systems administrator level for their enter career but others aspire to achieve a more senior-level role such as the Chief Information Officer of a company. reports that the salary range for a computer systems administrator is $38429 and $61476 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $49952.5
High Salary: $61476
Low Salary: $38429
Tasks: Ensures that computer servers are working properly.
Employs safety standards to prevent hacking.
Identifies problems with servers.
Works with various types of operating systems.
Also Called: Systems Administrator
Network Administrator
Server Administrator
Operating Systems Administrator
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