Administrative Assistant

The role of an administrative assistant is essential to the success of most businesses. In most cases managers and executives are too busy to handle the administrative tasks that must be completed on a daily basis to keep a business running smoothly.

The core duties of an administrative assistant are supporting the individuals running the business scheduling meetings and appointments on calendars word processing researching helping to manage projects communicating with all members of a department and the company as a whole answering telephones taking messages organizing mail and responding to e-mail messages.

There are countless other secretarial-type duties that may also be assigned to an administrative assistant. Because a successful administrative assistant must be organized detail-oriented and highly competent most employers require a minimum of a high school diploma for those applying for open positions. However employers often require that assistants have a minimum of an associates degree or some sort of formal training in this field. With todays advanced technology it is becoming more and more common for businesses to allow administrative assistants to work from remote locations.

However it is still preferred to have the assistant located in-office so that in-person communication can take place whenever needed. While its possible to find part-time administrative assistant positions the typical assistant will work a 40-hour week during normal business hours. Temporary administrative assistant positions are also relatively easy to find because employers are often looking for fill-ins when permanent assistants are out of the office on vacation on maternity leave or out for any other reason.  Start your career search now.

Formal training for an administrative assistant position includes courses in computer skills transcription and basic accounting. Higher positions and salaries can be obtained in this field with increased education and experience. According to the Department of Labor the average salary for an administrative assistant is approximately $33000 and the demand for this type of position is expected to remain high.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $40255
High Salary: $62070
Low Salary: $18440
Tasks: Supports managers and executives running a business.
Schedules meetings and appointments.
Answers telephones and takes messages.
Organizes mail and communicates using e-mail.
Also Called: Secretary
Virtual Assistant
Executive Assistant
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