Internal Auditor

Internal auditors monitor and analyze the financial transactions that take place within an organization corporation or company. They oversee all fiscal reports and monetary records including tax forms and cash expenditures. They also ensure that financial management procedures that have been put in place are being followed to the letter. They make sure the organization is complying with federal and state guidelines with regard to financial management and reporting and they check for any inaccuracies or incidences whereby funds have been mismanaged. In addition they are on the lookout for any fraud that may be occurring. They work for large businesses and corporations but some are employed by government agencies. Internal auditors should be analytical and detail-oriented and they should have excellent numerical skills and be comfortable using computer software for much of their work. They must also be good at communicating both in writing and orally because they must report to management and also interact with organization’s employees. They often work under stress and are expected to handle several tasks at the same time. The website says that internal auditors need at least a bachelor’s degree but preferably a master’s degree in accounting with a background in courses such as mathematics economics finance and law. To be hired they should also have prior experience with jobs that involve public accounting. Job opportunities for internal auditors should increase in the coming decade. Their earnings depend on experience and level but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics internal auditors earn a median annual salary of approximately $60000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $60000
High Salary: $70000
Low Salary: $50000
Tasks: Reviews a company's financial transactions.
Ensures financial records are accurate.
Oversees annual internal audits.
Monitors and analyzes business procedures and activities.
Also Called: Financial Auditor
Internal Accountant
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