Insurance Claims Examiner

When people make a claim on an insurance policy the insurance company submits the information to an insurance claims examiner who checks the validity of the claim and determines whether further investigation is necessary or what benefits are due to the policy holder or claimant. Insurance claims examiners must be skilled at communicating both orally and in writing. They usually work on a caseload of claims so they must be highly organized and meticulous about attending to and following up on details of many cases at the same time. If claims made are medical-related the claims adjuster must monitor them to see whether they are covered and must also keep track of when they are resolved. The claims adjuster must assess and verify the extent of the loss or damage to property and calculate and in some cases negotiate the benefit to be paid to the claimant. The website says that a bachelor’s degree is preferred by most employers. In addition each state has licensing requirements that are determined by the State Department of Insurance. Newly hired insurance claims examiners usually serve time as trainees working alongside experienced examiners. Throughout their careers however claims examiners take continuing education classes to keep up with changes in the law. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the average base salary for a claims examiner is approximately $36400 a year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $36377
High Salary: $41377
Low Salary: $31377
Tasks: Manages assigned insurance claims.
Reviews claims to ensure they are valid.
Investigates claims when necessary.
Determines when claims should be paid.
Also Called: Insurance Adjuster
Insurance Investigator
Insurance Claims Analyst
Property Loss Examiner
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