Gaming Booth Cashier

Gaming booth cashiers are situated in a booth that is located in a casino. From inside their booth they provide change and sell tokens to customers who play slot machines. In addition they issue payoffs when players win jackpots at various games or when players are ready to cash-in their chips. They are responsible for making sure they get players’ signatures when the winnings are sufficiently large. They are responsible for keeping track of how much money they have in their drawer at all times and at the end of their shift they record what they have left. Gaming booth cashiers work either part-time or full time. For entry-level positions there are no formal educational requirements other than a high school diploma and they should have good basic math skills and be able to do repetitious work with a minimal error rate. In most states which allow legal gambling casino employees must also obtain a license. Newly-hired gaming booth cashiers must be trained in how to use the equipment accurately and efficiently and they may spend several days working alongside an experienced cashier. The website states that employers who hire gaming booth cashiers must do background checks to verify their history including an accurate age (at least 21). According to the website gaming booth cashiers should have certain personality characteristics. They must be cooperative dependable be good at focusing their attention on details and it is very important that they be honest. For higher-level positions additional on-site training may be required especially when there are changes in procedure or in the equipment used to deal handle the money involved in the gaming. According to the website gaming booth cashiers can expect to earn between $14500 and $30200 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Certificate/License
Avg Salary: $22350
High Salary: $30200
Low Salary: $14500
Tasks: Counts money.
Makes change for customers.
Issues payoffs to gamblers.
Obtains customers' signatures on receipts.
Also Called: Gaming Change Person
Change Attendant
Slot Attendant
Casino Cashier
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