Controllers are responsible for the accounting operations of a business company or corporation for which they work. Their tasks are varied but include putting a well-defined and orderly filing system in place for the company's accounting procedures and overseeing the management of all operations in the accounting department.

Also they are responsible for ensuring that the payroll is processed and that accounts payable are paid and accounts receivable are collected in an efficient manner. In addition they issue the company's quarterly and annual financial reports and ensure that the company's financial information is in order for review by external auditors and they oversee the company's local state and federal tax filings.When necessary they may be asked to provide advice on financial issues such as capital investments pricing and contract negotiations.

According to the website individuals who aspire to become controllers should have a Bachelor's degree in accounting or business administration. However business experience especially working more than ten years in increasingly responsible positions for large companies could also serve to qualify individuals for a controller position. People who have met the requirements for becoming Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant generally have more job opportunities.

The website reports that annual salaries for controllers in the United States can range from approximately $60000 to $102000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $81000
High Salary: $102000
Low Salary: $60000
Tasks: Oversees the accounting department in a company.
Issues a company's financial statements.
Provides financial advice to the heads of a company.
Determines a company's financial procedures.
Also Called: Financial Director
Chief Financial Officer
Certified Public Accountant
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