Claims Investigator

The primary responsibility of a claims investigator is to determine that claims made by insurance customers are valid and should be paid. They work for insurance companies and are often referred to as "field examiners" and "insurance examiners."

Claims investigators conduct their investigations on claims related to all types of insurance including medical worker's compensation and property damage. They often conduct interviews with claimants and witnesses to accidents. They conduct research they sometimes review surveillance videos and they also conduct background checks to determine whether or not claimants have filed previous insurance claims with other insurance companies. Based on what they discover they write reports to submit to their employers with their opinions on whether or not insurance claims should be paid or contested.

According to the website claims investigators should have a bachelor's degree or experience in the field of law enforcement or a related legal field.

The website states that the role of a claims adjuster is extremely important because they help to prevent fraudulent claims from being paid which helps to ensure the financial stability of insurance companies and helps to keep insurance rates as low as possible for all customers.

Insurance fraud is a common problem and without the help of claims investigators many claims would be paid without justification and could ultimately put an insurance company out of business. Therefore jobs for claims adjusters according to are available in almost all regions.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that salaries for claims adjusters can range from $20950 to $102380 per year with the highest salaries being earned by those with the most experience.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $61665
High Salary: $102380
Low Salary: $20950
Tasks: Determines the validity of insurance claims.
Protects insurance companies against fraud.
Looks into the backgrounds of claimants.
Ensures that policies are in force before reviewing claims.
Also Called: Claims Examiner
Field Investigator
Insurance Examiner
Claims Adjuster
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