Claims Adjuster

Claims adjusters evaluate insurance claims that are submitted to insurance companies to determine whether they are actually covered by the claimant's policy. Some claims adjusters focus on property and liability and deal with car or homeowners insurance claims.

Much of their work is in the field because they often inspect vehicles to assess the damage or visit the site of a property claim to photograph damage from accidents fires or storms. In some cases they hire construction engineers to evaluate property damage so that they can figure out what should be paid for the claim which they may have to negotiate with the policy holder. In the case of burglary they obtain detailed descriptions of the stolen items and determine their value.

A rapidly expanding area for claims adjusters is in the field health insurance. If they think a claim is fraudulent claims adjusters hire investigators to check into the situation. Some claims adjusters are actually employed by an insurance company but others are independent contractors hired by insurance companies on an as-needed basis.

According to the website claims adjusters need a high school diploma but many employers require a college degree. They also need several years of experience in the insurance field. They need good mathematical skills because they make measurements and perform calculations to determine the extent of the loss and the amount of the claim.

In most states claims adjusters must be licensed which they earn by completing required training and passing an exam. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics job opportunities in this field should increase and the median earnings for claims adjusters is approximately $56000. In some cases insurance companies award bonuses in addition to base salaries and claims adjusters may be given laptops cell phones and company cars to use for their work.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Certificate/License
Avg Salary: $56000
High Salary: $61000
Low Salary: $51000
Tasks: Determines how much money people are owed on their insurance claims.
Investigates claims.
Negotiates claims with policy holders.
Determines if insurance payments are warranted.
Also Called: Claims Reviewer
Chief Adjuster
Claims Investigator
Claims Examiner
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