Chartered Accountant

It is extremely uncommon to find a professional with the title Chartered Accountant or CA in the United States because this is a career that almost exclusively exists in countries such as the United Kingdom Australia and Canada.

In the United States the equivalent profession of a Chartered Accountant is a Certified Public Accountant or CPA. The two professions are extremely similar in that Chartered Accountants work as accountants and work either as employees of large or small businesses or as independent contractors who provide accounting help to individuals or businesses.

A person should not consider entering this profession if they do not have a knack for numbers and truly enjoy the thought of adding subtracting multiplying and dividing numbers all day long. Advanced knowledge of how to create and maintain balance sheets financial statements and tax returns is also essential.

Chartered accountants are responsible for ensuring that their employer or their clients are maximizing their profits and paying the correct amount of taxes. They also ensure that all financial books and records are correct and organized in case of an internal or external audit. Chartered Accountants need at least a bachelors degree and must also take continuing classes throughout their career to maintain their license.

According to the salary for a Chartered Accountant ranges from $31143 to $80675 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $55909
High Salary: $80675
Low Salary: $31143
Tasks: Prepares financial reports and taxes.
Sets up accounting software for clients.
Works for large corporations, small corporations or independently.
Familiar with tax laws.
Also Called: Certified Public Accountant
Financial Manager
Tax Accountant
Financial Accountant
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