Accounting Clerk

According to the United States Department of Labor there is a high demand for accounting clerks in just about every industry imaginable. Accounting clerks who are sometimes referred to as bookkeepers accountants or auditing clerks currently hold more than 2 million jobs in the United States.

Accounting clerks are needed in every type of business ranging from small mom and pop operations to large international corporations. Because accounting clerk positions require skills such as the ability to record monetary transactions the knowledge to balance and reconcile spreadsheets for one or more accounts and the capability to compile significant numerical data most employers require that a minimum of a high school degree has been achieved. However many of todays companies want individuals who have earned an associate or bachelor level degree or who have at least some type of higher-level education.  Consider getting an education in accounting.

The most successful candidates for this type of career include those who are math and numbers-oriented have a good attention to detail and those who are comfortable using a ten-key pad. An entry-level accounting clerk normally works as a support person for a higher-level accountant or accounting department. However as experience is gained through on-the-job training or advanced education its possible for an accounting clerk to move into a higher-level position with increased responsibility.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that accounting clerks make an average yearly salary of approximately $32510 but some of the highest-level accounting clerks can make close to $50000 per year. The highest paid accounting clerks usually have exceptional communication skills the ability to interact with others in the office the capability of answering billing questions from vendors and customers and the skill to work cohesively with other members of their department and company.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $35105
High Salary: $49260
Low Salary: $20950
Tasks: Records monetary transactions.
Balances and reconciles spreadsheets for one or more accounts.
Compiles significant numerical data.
Works as a support person for a higher-level accountant or accounting department.
Also Called: Bookkeeping
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Accounts Payable Clerk
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