Career Self Assessment

Career self-assessment is often referred to as “career self-exploration.” It is a method used to determine what type of career fits you the best. It is not only good for people who are new to the job market – such as those who just graduated from college – but it is also helpful for those who are thinking of switching careers.

Career self-assessment is a combination of assessing yourself and also assessing your career, and determining how to make those two factors work well together. When a person’s self-assessment matches their career-assessment, they tend to be happier and more successful in their personal and professional lives.

Who Are You?

Asking a person who they are sounds a little ridiculous, but this question is usually pretty difficult for most people to answer.

Try it! Ask yourself who you are. You’re response might be that you are a person, you are an adult, you are a professional, and you are a citizen of the United States. But, who are you in terms of your professional life and your career? Are you happy with your career and would you be satisfied using your chosen profession to define you as a person?

According to the website, career self-assessment and self-exploration consists of taking a look at yourself and realizing who you are, what makes you happy, and what is important to you.

Career Coaches

One of the best ways to complete a career self-assessment is to work with a career coach or a career counselor. The website describes a career coach as someone who “specializes in helping people find and achieve their career dreams.”

A career self-assessment is undoubtedly something that can be completed on your own and without the help of a professional, but having a coach or a counselor available to help you gather information about yourself by asking you important and pertinent questions can be very beneficial. Many career coaches and counselors are trained to administer various types of career assessment tests. The reason that these tests should be conducted by a coach or counselor is that these professionals are able to evaluate the responses you give on the tests to help determine whether or not you are in a profession that fits your personality and values.

The most popular test that is administered by professional career coaches and counselors is the Myers-Briggs Test. But, there are many other popular and helpful tests that are available on line such as:

• Keirsey Temperament Sorter

• CareerMaze Test  

• Testing Room Self Assessment  

These and many other tests and quizzes are available online, and while it is possible for test-takers to evaluate the results of these tests on their own, results can also be brought to professional career coaches and counselors to be interpreted so that a greater understanding of the test results can be obtained.

Why is Career Self-Assessment Significant?

Determining whether or not you are in the best possible career to matches your interests, your values and your skills is extremely important so that you feel fulfilled with your professional life.

Taking time to assess your professional life and determining how it relates to you as a person will:

• Cause you to evaluate your true interests, your strengths both as a person and as a professional, and what motivates you to succeed.

• Help you determine if you are in the correct profession or if you should consider making a career change.

• Allow you to understand why you thrive in certain types of professional situations and why you feel out of place or uncomfortable in others.

• Let you move in the professional direction that will be the most satisfying for you.

• Encourage you to learn about yourself and what inspires you to do better.

Career Self-Assessments Will Evolve Over Time

If you evaluate yourself when you are in your early 20s and you determine the best possible professional environment that makes you happy and satisfies your career aspirations, there is not a guarantee that the self-assessment will remain accurate for the rest of your life.

People’s interests, values and motivations change over the course of many years which is why it is important to complete periodic career self-assessments to ensure that your career is still a good fit for you.

Just as people change, so do professional environments. Corporations go out of business, they merge with other companies, and they hire and fire employees. In order to be best prepared for change, it is important to pinpoint your true professional calling in life so that you know where to focus your efforts and so that you know where you will be happiest working.

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Written by Melanie Fischer, Career & Job Expert who has been writing professionally for over 10 years.