Union Representative

Union representatives serve a number of functions all related to their work on behalf of fellow union members. First they are responsible for making sure that all members of their unit are kept aware of ongoing issues and negotiations with management. Especially when there are conflicts with an employer union representatives provide progress reports to members of the unit. Union representatives look into all conflicts and disagreements that members may experience with the employer and then determine whether a union member should file a formal grievance. If the member decides to file a grievance the union representative assists the unit member in following the procedure that is in place and stands by the unit member until the grievance is resolved. Union representatives also try to resolve conflicts between the employer and the unit as a whole and they represent the unit in salary and benefit negotiations. In general union representatives are elected by union members who by electing them essentially endorse them as the individuals who will serve as their face. The background and skills of the union representative is most likely similar to that of other unit members. However they must be willing and able to take on a leadership role in advocating for the unit members. Therefore union representatives must be excellent communicators and skilled at mediating between employers and members of the unit. According to the website www.salaryexpert.com union representatives are paid between approximately $39600 and $66000 annually. However the website www.ehow.com states that union representatives are not always paid but often take on the job because of their strong interest in advocating for the rights of fellow members. Many hold paying jobs and some though not all union representatives believe that serving as a union representative can have a negative effect on their careers.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $52795
High Salary: $65959
Low Salary: $39631
Tasks: Represents the interests of union members.
Acts as a mediator.
Distributes information to union members.
Leads union negotiations.
Also Called: Union Mediator
Union Leader
Labor Organizer
Union Delegate
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/about_6671391_role-union-representative.html