Toll Collector

Toll collectors work in the transportation field where their main duty is to collect tolls in the form of cash tickets or tokens and to give out receipts to customers who are using highways or tunnels or are crossing over bridges in motor vehicles. They may also collect tolls or fares from passengers on ferry boats or from customers traveling on subways or urban rail systems. Toll collectors work in all kinds of weather and they also work in shifts so they must be available to work evenings weekends and holidays. They need good interpersonal skills because much of their job requires them to interact with customers. Toll collectors are responsible for maintaining their toll booths so that there are no obstructions or safety issues. Also they must keep a careful accounting of the tolls they collect which they give to their manager at the end of their shift. For the most part toll collectors are government employees. They need to have a high school diploma for an entry-level job. They must have good math skills so they can make accurate change and they need some bookkeeping skills as well. However once they have experience and have demonstrated the necessary diligence they can be promoted to higher level supervisory or managerial positions. Those with education beyond high school are likely to be promoted more quickly. According to the website toll collectors earn an average annual salary of approximately $20264.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $20264
High Salary: $22264
Low Salary: $18264
Tasks: Takes toll and tickets from drivers.
Makes change when necessary.
Provides receipts.
Gives directions to drivers who are lost.
Also Called: Toll Cashier
Toll Booth Operator
Toll Both Worker
Toll Booth Clerk
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