Title Examiner

Title examiners are legal support professionals who conduct research to determine that titles to properties (homes office buildings or land) are clear and that there are no restrictions that could prevent their sale. To accomplish their work they search public records and examine the existing title to determine the legal status of the property. For example they check whether there are mortgages liens judgments easements or any other restrictions on the property and they verify the ownership and legal description of the property. They gather copies of all documents (mortgages deeds and contracts) as part of their report on the status of the property. Many title examiners work for title insurance companies which issue title insurance to the purchaser of the property once the title examiner has given them the approval to do so. However many title examiners work on an independent basis. Most title examiners work 40 hours a week and there may be times of pressure when they must complete their work prior to a property closing. They do most of their work in an office although they may need to visit government offices to obtain the necessary information. According to the website education-portal.com a majority of title examiners have completed some post-secondary education and more than a third have an associate’s degree a bachelor’s degree or a post graduate degree. Title examiners must be able to work with computer databases to obtain much of the information they need. They must be able to communicate the findings of their title research clearly and accurately. For the near future employment opportunities for this career should remain at a moderate level. The website www.cbsalary.com says that the average salary for title examiners in the United States is $52980.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $52980
High Salary: $62980
Low Salary: $42980
Tasks: Analyzes property records.
Determines the legal status of a property title.
Verifies property ownership.
Identifies unpaid property taxes and liens.
Also Called: Title Evaluator
Title Abstractor
Public Records Examiner
Property Title Examiner
Additional Resources: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/646/Title-Examiner.html