Septic Tank Servicer

Septic tank servicers repair and clean septic tanks sewer lines and drains. They also disinfect and clean basements in homes that have been flooded by sewer backups. Their work includes such tasks as patching walls in septic tanks replacing damaged drain tile and repairing breaks in underground sewers and pipes. When repairing sewer lines they must take great care to ensure that sewer line joints are adequately sealed. They must know how to use special equipment that helps them to determine exactly where problems in tanks or pipes are located. Septic tank servicers are employed by waste water treatment facilities and waste management departments. They can also work for companies that service private residences and some work on a freelance basis by answering calls for service at private residences. The website says that septic tank servicers need a high school diploma but it is advantageous if they also have some vocational training or coursework related to the field. Once hired they usually spend time ranging from several months to a year working alongside those with experience in the field. Septic tank servicers must have the physical strength and endurance that cleaning pipes and fixing septic tanks can require. They must have the flexibility required to fit into manholes and sewers when necessary and they must be able to work in dirty environments. The website says that there is usually a demand for septic tank servicers and in most cases when problems arise there is an immediate need for their skills. On average septic tank servicers earn annual salaries of approximately $38430.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $38430
High Salary: $43430
Low Salary: $33430
Tasks: Cleans septic tanks.
Repairs septic tanks and pipelines.
Locates pipeline blockages.
Operates septic tank cleaning equipment.
Also Called: Sewer Servicer
Sewer Pipe Cleaner
Septic Tank Cleaner
Septic Tank Machine Operator
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