Pump Operator

Pump operators work with equipment that is designed to transport and move different types of liquids gasses and various other materials from one location to another. They must be trained and skilled at monitoring the gauges associated with the pump they are overseeing and they must know how to read the pump’s monitors and meters. They keep track of how much is pumped through the systems they are monitoring and they enter the data into a log or a computer. According to the website www.bestjobdescriptions.com pump operators are responsible for planning the movement of materials through pump lines to various storage units processing plants and vessels that will ship the materials to other locations. In order to work in this profession pump operators must fully understand the equipment being utilized and the safety policies and procedures in place that are designed to prevent injuries and accidents. Most pump operators are trained to maintain service and repair broken pumps. The role of pump operators is to maneuver a pump and ensure that it is functioning properly. If something goes wrong with the pump pump operators are expected to determine the cause of the problem and come up with a solution on how the problem should be fixed. According to the website www.mymajors.com pump operators must earn a high school diploma and obtain specialized training and the website reports that the median annual salary for pump operators is $52620.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $52620
High Salary: $62620
Low Salary: $42620
Tasks: Monitors flow meters.
Records operating data.
Uses valves to start and control pumps.
Watches gauges to ensure pumps are operating correctly.
Also Called: Pump Controller
Pump Monitor
Pump Inspector
Water Pump Operator
Additional Resources: http://www.bestjobdescriptions.com/technical/pump-operators-job-description