Public Affairs Specialist

The top job responsibility of public affairs specialists is to promote their employers in a high regard to the media and to the public. They are the professionals who provide news and information via press releases information posted on the internet presentations and e-mails to media outlets. They carefully word their documents and phrase their interviews so that everything released is positive and reassuring about their employers. They commonly work for both public and private corporations as well as governmental agencies and specific elected officials. Public affairs specialists are trained to deal with crisis situations and to proactively communicate about issues that are of concern to the public. According to the website public affairs specialists are often responsible for coordinating interviews between the media and the top officials at their place of employment. They also attend conferences and gatherings such as trade shows to talk about their companies in a positive light. It is essential that public affairs specialists have a high level of confidence and that they are extremely articulate. They must be able to answer difficult questions on a moment’s notice and they must have excellent judgment skills when it comes to responding to the media during a crisis situation. The minimum educational requirement for aspiring public affairs specialists is a bachelor’s degree with a major in a subject area such as communications or public relations. The website says that public relations specialists can expect to earn a yearly salary between $30000 and $94000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $62000
High Salary: $94000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Responds to media inquiries.
Serves as a spokesperson.
Creates a favorable public image for their employer.
Drafts speeches for company executives.
Also Called: Public Relations Specialist
Communications Specialist
Media Relations Specialist
Investor Relations Specialist
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