Paving Equipment Operator

If a street highway parking lot or airline runway is in need of repair or if a new paving project is planned a paving equipment operator is called to help with the job. Individuals in this profession are trained to operate the machinery that lays all types of materials that are used for paving such as concrete and asphalt. Some of the typical job responsibilities of a paving equipment operator include inspecting the equipment and ensuring that it is in proper working order starting the equipment and controlling its movements and operation spreading paving materials on the ground according to the requirements of the job and driving the paving equipment onto a trailer so it can be transported from one job to another. Not only must a paving equipment operator be knowledgeable about the equipment use for paving but the operator must also be aware of policies procedures rules and regulations that are associated with the paving process so that all safety measures are followed accordingly. The website says that a paving equipment operator is also commonly referred to as a “heavy equipment operator” and a “highway maintenance worker.” While there is not a specific educational requirement for this profession most employers prefer that their paving equipment operators have a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent. They also need special training on how to use operate and handle paving machinery. The website says that the average yearly salary for a paving equipment operator is $42051.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $42051
High Salary: $52051
Low Salary: $32051
Tasks: Operates equipment used for paving roads.
Coordinates truck dumping.
Cleans and maintains paving equipment.
Drives equipment to job sites.
Also Called: Asphalt Machine Operator
Black Top Machine Operator
Concrete Machine Operator
Road Roller Operator
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