Motor Vehicle Inspector

The job of motor vehicle inspectors consists of inspecting all types of vehicles to ensure that they meet safety regulations mandated by the government. There are many reasons that inspections are required by law and motor vehicle inspectors are trained to check vehicles to make sure they are in full compliance. The first reason inspections are necessary is related to safety. Inspectors check to make sure that lights braking systems tires and warning indicators on vehicles are functioning properly. The second purpose for inspections is related to the environment. Inspectors check to make sure that vehicles are not emitting dangerous or hazardous materials into the air. The third reason for inspections is related to preventing damage that can occur from transporting dangerous materials. During inspections motor vehicle inspectors check to make sure that the potential for a vehicle to spill hazardous materials onto the road is kept to the absolute minimum. According to the website motor vehicle inspectors are also commonly referred to as “automobile inspectors” “motor-transport inspectors” and “weigh-station inspectors.” The job of motor vehicle inspectors is important and essential because they are often the last people to check vehicles before they leave the station for a long cross-country journey. Hence they are the last officials who can prevent the transportation of illegal or dangerous materials and they can also prevent unmaintained vehicles from endangering other drivers and passengers on the roads. The website says that in order to become a motor vehicle inspector an associate’s degree must be earned certification must be obtained and on-the-job training must be completed. The average annual salary for a motor vehicle inspector is $58392.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $58392
High Salary: $68392
Low Salary: $48392
Tasks: Inspects motor vehicles for maintenance problems.
Measures emissions levels from vehicles.
Ensures that vehicles are in compliance with regulations and safety standards.
Conducts diagnostic tests on vehicles.
Also Called: Vehicle Tester
Vehicle Equipment Inspector
Vehicle Safety Inspector
Emissions Inspector
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