Infantry officer

Individuals whose goal is to serve in the U.S. Military in a leadership position may be well-suited to a career as an infantry officer. Infantry officers are members of the U.S. Military that are in charge of platoons companies or divisions of infantrymen. They both lead infantry men and take part themselves in ground operations including active combat during times of war. Infantry officers must be highly self-disciplined have excellent leadership skills and earn the respect of their men. They must be able to manage their troops think on their feet perform under stress and have the confidence to make decisions without hesitating and the willingness to take responsibility for their decisions and actions. In addition they must be physically fit so that they themselves can participate in combat. Aspiring infantry officers need to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree with a high academic record. Then they can apply to be admitted into a three-month Officer Candidate School (OCS) course. Another route for achieving the goal of becoming an infantry officer is to participate in the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) during the summers while attending college. Some individuals attend four-year U.S. Military Academies which specialize in officer training and also grant bachelor’s degrees. According to the website the pay infantry officers earn is based on rank and time in service. They start at approximately $2745 a month but with six or more years of experience their pay is approximately $6800 a month.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $57270
High Salary: $81600
Low Salary: $32940
Tasks: Leads land combat missions.
Oversees troop training.
Ensures the needs of a mission are met.
Consistently displays self-discipline, initiative, confidence and intelligence.
Also Called: Army Officer
Marine Officer
Combat Operations Leader
Information Operations Officer
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