Highway Maintenance Worker

Highway maintenance workers who are also called “road workers” perform a variety of tasks that keep highways rural roads and airport runways clear and in good condition all year round. According to the website httpjob-descriptions.careerplanner.com the tasks they perform include repairing road guardrails patching broken pavement spreading sand and other materials when there are road washouts plowing snow clearing mud and sweeping debris from roads. They also mow or trim brush growing alongside roads set out signs and cones flag down motorists when there is road work or other hazards check drainage systems to make sure they are not clogged paint new traffic control lines in roads and transport work crews to the site of road repairs. Highway maintenance workers usually work in shifts for a total of 40 hours a week but sometimes they can work overtime. They work outdoors in all kinds of weather and much of their work is strenuous. They usually wear hardhats and other protective gear to keep from being injured on the job. Highway maintenance workers must have a valid driver’s license and be capable of using tools and operating and maneuvering heavy equipment such as forklifts. They must have the physical ability to lift push and pull heavy objects. In addition they should be capable of assessing when road repairs are needed and determining the appropriate weather conditions for embarking on such repairs. Pay for highway maintenance workers can vary considerably. According to the website www.ehow.com their salaries range from a low of approximately $22600 to a high of approximately $79000.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $50800.5
High Salary: $79000
Low Salary: $22601
Tasks: Maintains highways and roads.
Patches broken pavement.
Repairs guard rails.
Clears debris and snow from highway lanes.
Also Called: Road Worker
Road Repair Person
Highway Construction Worker
Asphalt Paver
Additional Resources: http://job-descriptions.careerplanner.com/Highway-Maintenance-Workers.cfm