Firefighters protect life and property by preventing fires and extinguishing them when they occur. The website provides a detailed description of the duties firefighters are expected to perform. These include training for and actually participating in fighting fires knowing how to give immediate care to those who may be injured maintaining fire apparatus so it is ready for use and giving talks to the public on how to prevent fires. Because of the high expectations for firefighters’ performance the selection process is stringent with not only with regard to physical capabilities for such strenuous work but also with regard to mental and psychological fit for the job. Firefighters spend extended periods of time with other firefighters so it is crucial that they be team players. Firefighters need a high school education after which they must pass a rigorous physical test and complete a required course of training. Even after they are hired firefighters must continue to participate in in-service training to remain up to date on changing codes new methods for suppressing fires and handling hazardous materials emergency medical and rescue procedures and new techniques for investigating arson. Most cities and towns have fire departments but obtaining a position as a fire fighter is highly competitive and often requires years of effort. According to the website firefighter salaries are commensurate with the high level of risk involved in the job. Starting salaries range from $30000 to $45000 but with years of service they can increase to between $50000 and $80000 a year. According to the website most firefights get health benefits in recognition of the risks they take when putting out fires.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $55000
High Salary: $80000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Works to prevent fires.
Extinguishes fires.
Provides care to people injured in fires.
Maintains fire fighting equipment.
Also Called: EMT
First Responder
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