Disaster Preparedness Specialist

Disaster preparedness specialists who are sometimes called "emergency preparedness specialists" or "emergency management specialists are in charge of coordinating the efforts of groups of local individuals who respond to crisis situations.

Examples of such situations include hurricanes tornadoes earthquakes fires floods nuclear power plant problems and hazardous spills or even hostage or terrorist-related situations. They work with police fire and medical personnel in developing efficient communication systems that will enable emergency workers to be dispatched to the site of an emergency as quickly as possible so that hazards can be contained and injured individuals can be transported to places of safety.

Disaster preparedness specialists often train teams of workers and they coordinate resources that will be needed both during a disaster and in its aftermath. Over the past decade more institutions of higher learning have been offering courses and degrees in disaster preparedness. Classes are offered both in person and online.

According to the website ehow.com disaster preparedness specialists are employed by state local and county governments as well as by hospitals and utility companies. They also work for the Federal Department of Homeland Security. They must be familiar with local and federal laws and must pass background checks before they are hired. Federal employees must be U.S. citizens. Leadership ability and excellent communication skills are essential for this career.

Employment opportunities for this occupation are good partially as a result of the September 11 2001 attacks which resulted in heightened concern for threats of terrorism. The website www.payscale.com lists the median salary for disaster preparedness specialists between $42000 and $67000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $54500
High Salary: $67000
Low Salary: $42000
Tasks: Coordinates emergency responders.
Plans for how to respond to disasters.
Determines types of potential emergency-related needs.
Drafts written plans and procedures for dealing with emergencies.
Also Called: Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Emergency Management Specialist
Emergency Management Planner
Emergency Response Specialist
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