Podiatrists or “doctors of podiatric medicine” (DPMs) are sometimes called “foot doctors” but they actually specialize in treating problems not only with the feet but also with the lower legs and medical issues associated with diabetes. The most common way that podiatrists treat their patients’ problems is with the help of prescription medication physical therapy and as a last resort they will perform surgery. They also fit their patients with various types of specialized shoes or orthotics that can be placed inside shoes to help deal with foot pain and foot disorders. Podiatrists usually work in an office where they see patients who have scheduled appointments. However they also perform surgery and other treatments in hospitals or surgical centers depending on what type of medical services is needed. According to the website www.healthcaresalaryonline.com aspiring podiatrists complete a bachelor’s degree after which they must be accepted into an accredited college of podiatry. This is a four-year program in which students take courses such as chemistry physics biology and anatomy pharmacology anesthesiology and biomechanics. Upon graduation Podiatrists complete a two- to three-year residency program that provides further training in surgical procedures. Podiatrists must be licensed to practice. To get a license they must have a degree from an accredited school of podiatry complete a podiatry internshipresidency and pass a national exam. Many podiatrists work in small private offices or clinics where they practice on their own or in small groups. Some podiatrists make regular visits to nursing home to take care of residents who live there. Employment prospects for podiatrists are very good especially in geographic areas where there are shortages. According to the website www.buzzle.com the annual earnings range from $90000 to $150000 but with more than five years of experience podiatrists in metropolitan areas can earn more than $200000 a year.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $145000
High Salary: $200000
Low Salary: $90000
Tasks: Diagnoses and treats disorders of the foot.
Prescribes drugs, physical therapy, and surgery for foot problems.
Manages diseases that affect the lower extremities.
Monitors patients who have severe swelling in their feet.
Also Called: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Foot Doctor
Foot Specialist
Additional Resources: http://www.healthcaresalaryonline.com/podiatrist-job-description.html