Operations Research Analyst

Companies are constantly trying to figure out ways in which their operations and processes can be improved so that costs can be lowered more products can be produced with fewer employees and procedures can be followed more easily. The job of operations research analysts is to observe research evaluate and determine ways in which a company can accomplish these goals while at the same time become more productive or streamlined. Some of the typical industries that employ operations research analysts include the government (state federal and local) manufacturing companies all branches of the military and large business organizations. Before changes are made to an organization or the process an entity uses on a regular basis an operations research analyst must first determine that there are inefficient operating methods in place. This includes analyzing the work and processes of one or more departments that may be experiencing mild to severe operating or production problems. According to www.onetonline.org operations research analysts may use mathematical modeling or other means to simulate problems and then use these models to estimate and predict how changes to existing functions will increase productivity or workflow. After operations research analysts conduct research and analysis they present reports to managers and supervisors and then they recommend solutions. In order to qualify as an operations research analyst a minimum of a bachelor’s degree must be earned but most have a master’s degree or a Ph.D in the fields of either management science or operations research. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median salary for operations research analysts is between $51780 and $92920 per year. However those who work for the federal government tend to earn higher salaries.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $72350
High Salary: $92920
Low Salary: $51780
Tasks: Finds more efficient ways for companies to operate.
Uses math, engineering and scientific models.
Helps coordinate organizational changes.
Analyzes all parts of complex problems.
Also Called: Operations Research Manager
Operations Scientist
Operations Researcher
Analytical Strategist
Additional Resources: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/221/Operations-Research-Analyst.html