Mathematicians work in many industries where they utilize their outstanding ability to use numbers to solve many types of problems. Mathematicians focus on studying the measurement and properties of matter using numbers and symbols. They must be able to think abstractly and analytically. Also they need excellent computer skills and they must also be adept at using calculators and slide rules. They must have patience and perseverance because they often spend long hours working independently when trying to solve complex problems. Mathematics is usually divided into two main areas theoretical and applied. However there is often overlap between them. Theoretical mathematicians focus on furthering basic knowledge about mathematics by clarifying mathematical theories or laws or formulating new ones. Although they are not usually influenced by any practical uses for their work the laws of theoretical mathematics have been key to many discoveries that have immediate use. Applied mathematicians use mathematical theories and laws for the purpose of solving specific problems in aerospace medicine electronics economics and computer science. Mathematicians usually have a master’s or a doctoral degree. Some teaching jobs require a master’s degree but academic jobs in theoretical mathematics require a doctoral degree. According to the website the majority of mathematicians work at colleges and universities where they teach and conduct research. However some work in the aerospace industry and for electrical or communication companies. In addition the federal government employs mathematicians to work on projects related to space or national defense. The salaries mathematicians earn depend on the employer the level of experience and nature of the work but the median annual salary is approximately $97035.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $97035
High Salary: $140500
Low Salary: $53570
Tasks: Expands and clarifies mathematical theories and laws.
Solves specific math problems.
Develops new types of computer software.
Puts abstract ideas into numerical form.
Also Called: Doctor of Mathematics
Math Teacher
Applied Mathematician
Mathematical Theorist
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