Management Information Systems Analyst

Management information systems analysts are often called “MIS Analysts.” They are professionals who work in technical department at organizations where they help to ensure that company data is secure that employees have access to the correct computer hardware and software and that the company is utilizing the best possible hardware and software systems based on the company’s budget and needs. When a company is in need of a new or updated information system the management information systems analyst is asked to provide direction and guidance on the best options available to meet the requirements of the company. The website states that management information systems analysts must be highly knowledgeable about many types of computer operating systems computer hardware platforms and various types of computer software programs because they are responsible for planning and recommending systems for the organization for which they work. Because management information systems analysts work collaboratively with various departments within an organization it’s essential that they have excellent communication skills and that they have a high level of experience with implementing new types of hardware and software within a company. Good managerial skills are also helpful with this profession because management information systems analysts are often responsible for supervising many other employees that make up a company’s information technology department. According to the minimum education that a management information systems analyst needs is a bachelor’s degree with a major in information systems management or a related field. However many in this profession have master’s degrees. reports that the median income for this career is between $66705 and $90439 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $78572
High Salary: $90439
Low Salary: $66705
Tasks: Oversees the security of computer data.
Manages the implementation of software applications.
Hires employees for the MIS department of a company.
Heads the information systems management for an organization.
Also Called: Information Systems Manager
MIS Analyst
MIS Supervisor
Computer Systems Analyst
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