Computer Engineer

Computer engineers are often mistakenly referred to as computer hardware engineers. A computer hardware engineer is involved in the research design and development of the physical computer. Conversely a computer engineer is responsible for the creation development and maintenance of computer software programs.

The specific job duties assigned to a computer engineer can vary depending upon the industry in which they work. Some computer engineers work strictly on developing new software. These computer engineers are usually referred to as application engineers. Other computer engineers work exclusively on developing computer programs that help run the internal systems of the computers themselves.These engineers are commonly called system engineers.

The website states that it is essential for computer engineers to have strong analytical skills and the ability to work on several related or unrelated issues at once. Additionally computer engineers especially those who work in an organizations Information Technology department must be able to troubleshoot and fix software problems when something goes wrong.

Because of the almost complete dependence that most companies and organizations have on computer software in todays world the job of a computer engineer is extremely critical. The education required for a computer engineering career includes a bachelors degree plus extensive experience in software development maintenance and installation.

Because of constant changes and upgrades to computer software it is also essential that computer engineers remain up to date on their knowledge and skill set.

According to the salary range for a computer engineer is $54485 to $90205 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $72345
High Salary: $90205
Low Salary: $54485
Tasks: Creates computer software programs.
Works on fixing problems associated with computer software.
Develops existing computer software to meet advancing demands.
Analyzes the needs of businesses and the public when developing computer software.
Also Called: Computer Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Computer Application Engineer
Computer Platform Engineer
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