Graphic Pre Press Arts

They often start by presenting their design ideas to creative directors or clients by using sketches and layouts fashioned either by hand or on the computer. Then they use print color animation photography or whatever techniques will produce the most appealing design. According to the website graphic artistsdesigners usually need a bachelor’s degree in fine arts or graphic design with courses such as computerized design commercial graphics production printing techniques website design and animation as well as courses in writing advertising and marketing. Even after graduation however they keep up with new ideas and techniques and they must constantly update portfolios that showcase their abilities. Graphic artistsdesigners may have a trade certificate rather than a bachelor’s degree and in some cases evidence of talent and experience rather than a formal designation may suffice. Graphic artistsdesigners must be self-disciplined because they often work independently to meet deadlines. They are employed by print and publishing firms and many other private and commercial companies as well as the government but some do freelance work. The website says that because there are so many talented individuals interested in this type of career there is keen competition for well-paid graphic artistdesigner jobs. Those with website design and animation experience are more marketable. Graphic artistsdesigners’ pay depends on the employer and years of experience but the median annual salary is approximately $43000. Entry-level graphic artistsdesigners can expect to earn approximately $35000 but those with experience seniority and management responsibilities can earn a median salary of $60000 and creative directors can earn up to $95000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $40000
High Salary: $45000
Low Salary: $35000
Tasks: Lays out the pages of a publication.
Inputs text and graphics into a computer program.
Prepares documents and images needed for a project.
Ensures that documents, text and graphics meet quality standards.
Also Called: Typesetter
Image Setter
Prepress Technician
Prepress Operator
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