Prosthodontists are oral health practitioners or dentists who perform routine dental duties such as examining and cleaning teeth and filling cavities. However they also specialize in replacing teeth with crowns bridges and dentures. To become a prosthodontist individuals first complete a bachelor’s degree with courses in subjects such as chemistry mathematics and biology after which they attend and graduate from an accredited school of dental medicine. In addition to completing a general dentistry program they then serve in a residency program in order to specialize in prosthodontic dentistry. Prosthodontists must be licensed by the state in which they practice. They can obtain this credential by graduating from an accredited dental school program and prosthodontic residency program and then passing an exam administered by the National Board of Dental Examinations. Prosthodontists must not only have excellent manual dexterity and good communication and interpersonal skills but also they must have a good head for business. The majority of prosthodontists are in private practice where they oversee tasks such as bookkeeping and purchasing equipment and supplies. They often employ office staff as well as dental assistants and dental laboratory technicians. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increased need for prosthodontists because the baby boomer population will place a heavy demand on this profession. Also people in general are becoming more focused on preventive and cosmetic dental care and there are more opportunities to purchase dental insurance that will cover the work. According to the website the annual pay for prosthodontists ranges from approximately $115300 to $202900.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $159100
High Salary: $202900
Low Salary: $115300
Tasks: Specializes in methods of replacing missing teeth.
Places crowns and bridges into patients' mouths.
Fits patients with dentures.
Measures patients' mouths and jaws to ensure the proper fit of dental prostheses.
Also Called: Oral Health Practitioner
Prosthetic Dentist
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