Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeons also called “oral maxillofacial surgeons” are dental specialists that perform surgery on patients’ teeth jaws face and mouths. Some of the typical reasons that people need such surgeries are issues related to broken or impacted teeth injuries or for problems that have existed since birth. Others use oral surgeons for cosmetic purposes. One of the most common procedures that oral surgeons complete is the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. However they also work on individuals who have problems with their bites. Oral surgeons have advanced training in anesthesia so their patients can undergo procedures with minimal pain. Oral surgeons first earn a bachelor’s degree with the science and mathematics courses that are required for pre-dental programs. Then they graduate from dental school after which they get further training in residencies lasting from four to six years. The practice of oral surgery is closely regulated and oral surgeons must be licensed to practice. Although the specific licensing requirements may vary depending on the state all oral surgeons must pass the National Board Dental Examination in addition to meeting certain educational and clinical criteria. Oral surgeons work in private offices outpatient clinics or in hospitals and they are often on-call around the clock. Although oral surgeons in independent practice have relatively modest earnings initially the salary increases as the practice expands. Employment prospects are good especially in areas that have a small concentration of professionals in this field. According to the website www.ehow.com oral surgeons have an average income of approximately $390000.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $390000
High Salary: $490000
Low Salary: $290000
Tasks: Removes diseases and impacted teeth.
Administers anesthesia.
Performs reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
Diagnoses and treats facial pain.
Also Called: Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
Restorative Dentist
Dental Surgeon
Tooth Surgeon
Additional Resources: http://www.healthcaresalaryonline.com/oral-surgeon-job-description.html