Oral Pathologist

An oral pathologist is often called a “maxillofacial pathologist.” This profession is recognized by the American Dental Association (“ADA”) as a specialized dentist who helps to provide diagnoses to patients who are experiencing diseases tumors or other medical issues that occur inside of the mouth the jaw or the face. According to the website www.jobdescriptionsandduties.com oral pathologists dedicate their careers to studying the nature cause and development of tumors and lesions and other diseases that either commonly or rarely occur in the oral region of the body. After physically evaluating a patient who is experiencing a problem or symptoms an oral pathologist then studies the tissues samples that are taken. Upon examination the oral pathologist will then provide a diagnosis. After a diagnosis has been made the oral pathologist works with the patient and patient’s doctor on the best course of action and comes up with a treatment plan. Oral pathologists often work directly with ear nose and throat (“ENT”) doctors as well as general pathologists when an unusual or complicated case arises. The educational path for an oral pathologist includes graduation from a college or university with a bachelor’s degree and then graduation from an accredited dental school. After dental school an internship at a hospital must be completed. While a hospital internship does not lead to a medical degree it does allow a dentist to become an oral pathologist. The website www.cbsalary.com lists the average salary for oral pathologists at $204752 per year.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $204752
High Salary: $214752
Low Salary: $194752
Tasks: Studies diseases of the mouth.
Examines patients' mouths, jaws and faces.
Analyzes tissue samples in a laboratory.
Discusses test results with patients.
Also Called: Dentist
Dental Pathologist
Medical Pathologist
Maxillofacial Pathologist
Additional Resources: http://www.cbsalary.com/national-salary-chart.aspx?specialty=Oral+Pathologist&tid=28592&cty=&kw=Speech+Language+Pathologist+-+CCC&jn=jn023&edu=&sid=