Endodontists are members of a branch of dentistry that concentrates on diagnosing and treating problems with dental nerves pulp and other dental tissues. This is a specialized area that has been recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). To carry out their work endontists use dental instruments X-rays and other technology. Endodontists are best known for performing root canal treatment which involves removing infected pulp from a tooth and replacing it with endodontic material. They also reinsert teeth that have been knocked out by accident and sometimes they cure tooth discoloration using a bleaching process. Patients are commonly referred to endodontists by regular dentists if a necessary procedure is sufficiently involved to require specialized endodontic expertise or oral surgery. According to the website httpcareers.stateuniversity.com aspiring endodontists first attend an accredited dental school and complete the usual four-year program after which they pass the tests required for earning a license in dentistry. Then they enroll in a two-year advanced program in endodontics. However even after they complete this program and go into practice they must keep their license current by attending courses seminars and workshops to learn about new trends and surgical procedures. The website httpcareers.stateuniversity.com says that job prospects for endodontists are good. Salaries depend on the size of the practice and the number of patients treated. The median annual salary is approximately $100000 with entry-level endodontists earning less than this figure but more experienced endodontists earning considerably more.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $97500
High Salary: $155000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Plans treatment for issues with dental nerves.
Administers dental root canals.
Consults with dental patients on treatment.
Repairs damaged teeth.
Also Called: Dentist
Root Canal Dentist
Oral Surgeon
Tooth Doctor
Additional Resources: http://www.careerplanner.com/DOT-Job-Descriptions/ENDODONTIST.cfm