Denturologists are denture specialists who work with patients that have experienced the loss of one or more teeth due to illness injury disease or poor dental care. While dentists work with patients in need of full tooth extraction to make room for permanent dentures and implants denturologists work with patients who need or want removable and non-permanent denture devices.

According to denturologists are considered to be "dental health professionals" who work together with other health care professionals to provide complete treatments and care for their patients. Some of the responsibilities of a denturologist are measuring patient's mouths so that the correct shape and size denture is made taking impressions of teeth making new dentures fixing broken dentures and modifying dentures so they fit properly and comfortably.

The educational requirement for a denturologist position is graduation from a two to three year program that is accredited and a licensing exam must be passed. Additionally an internship is usually completed so that clinical experience can be gained. The term "denturologist" is not commonly used in the United States when referring to denture specialists. More information on denturologists and this profession in Canada can be found on The Denturist Association of Canada's website at and the Denturist Association of Ontario at

According to the average annual salary for a denturologist is between $30000 and $60000 per year and the job rate is expected to grow in the foreseeable future.  Are you interested in learning more about denturology?

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $45000
High Salary: $60000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Works with patients who have experienced tooth loss.
Makes removable dentures.
Teaches patients how to install and remove dentures.
Takes impressions of teeth.
Also Called: Denture Specialist
Clinical Denturologist
Laboratory Denture Technician
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